English Class

7th March.Team No.2

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 Name List: 杨盼(Tom),刘玺(Ricardo),王茜(Quiency),康涛,杨程英.

Learning Points:

1.--Have you wear make up today?

--yes, only a little.

2.--How are you?

   --Im good /Fine/good,you?

3. --Tom, Welcome to our Zhixin class .

    --Thank you.Its my pleasure/appreaciate.

4. -- Hi, What about the weather today?

--Its a bit cloudy.

New words:

1.non-smoker不吸烟者  social smoker社交吸烟者  smoker 吸烟者

2.light music 轻音乐

3.break up分手

4.leather bag 皮包

5.DIY=do it yourself 自己动手做


7.times up 时间到

Homework :

Everyone: Found the full English words of BBQ and pronunce it

杨程英:compare Enemy with Army

杨盼: Tell us why his English name is Tom (Speak English)

刘玺:Share his favorite music

王茜:Do some reserch of the  phrase with up in the end

康涛: Share a Enligsh Moive with the  director and actor s names.