English Class

8th March.Team No.2

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 Name List: 杨欢(Fiona),董涛,关哲,杨华.

Learning Points:

1.What day is it today?

--Today is Wednesday.

2.--How was your sleep last night?

   --That was ok ,a bit tired,because lots dreams,but I cant remember any of that.

3. -- Hi, What is your hobby?

--football, my favorite team is Manchester United.

New words:

1.coat 外套

2.leggings 打底裤

3.high heeled boots 高跟靴子

4.lip balm 润唇膏

5.lip stick 口红

6.in the past 过去、以往

7.previous 以前的

8.department 部门

9.business English 商务英语

Homework :

杨欢:Explain her lipstickss brand

董涛: Bring his Cover Letter next lesson,and explain his subject

关哲:Translate 武侠小说

杨华:Found two ways to say 毛衣,and  translate 手链