English Class

9th March.Team No.2

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 Name List: 胡淑珍(Susan),任亚文(Chiris),孙巧龙,郭伟,何晓红。

Learning Points:

1.--- What day is it today?

--- Today is Thursday.

2. What day is it 28 years ago?

   --- Your birthday

 3.---Hows the weather today?

---Cloudy, and a light polluted.

4.---happy birthday my friend.

   ---Thank you honey.

   --- You re welcome.

New words:

1. culture 文化

2. gift/present 礼物

3. party 派对、聚会

4. video game 视频游戏

5. cake 蛋糕

6. candle 蜡烛

7. birthday card 生日卡片

8. make a wish 许个愿望

Homework :