English Class

14th March.Team No.1 plus Team No.2

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 Name List: 杨盼(TomCapricorn,刘玺(RicardoScorpio,王茜(QuiencyScorpio,罗威(PatrickLibra,王悫(CoCoGemini,刘剑桥(ChrisScorpio,明子茗(ZoraCancer,袁笑亮(TedAquarius,袁海波(LeoAquarius.

Learning Points:

>Check everyones homework.

>Everyone got English name.

>Zora introduce herself.

>Leo introduce himslef.

>Learned  Twelve constellationstar signs names摩羯Capricorn 水瓶座Aquarius 双鱼座Pisces 白羊座Aries 金牛座Taurus 双子座Gemini 巨蟹座Cancer 狮子座Leo 处女座Virgo 天秤座Libra 天蝎座Scorpio 射手座Sagittarius

Homework  Review:

Everyone: BBQBarbecue

杨程英:compare Enemy with Army Absent

杨盼(Tom Tell us why his English name is Tom (Speak English) WELL PREPARED

刘玺(RicardoShare his favorite music  VERY GOOD

王茜(QuiencyDo some reserch of the  phrase with up in the end EXCELLENT eg. Hurry up加快, sit up熬夜,clean up打扫干净)

康涛: Share a Enligsh Moive with the  director and actor s names. Absent

袁笑亮(TedFind the Enlgish conversation when he play that his computer game UNFINISHED

刘剑桥(Chris:Fina a English name for himself GOOD

明子茗(Zora):Fina a English name for herself GOOD

王悫(CoCo):Fina a English name for herself GOOD

罗威(Patrick):Fina a English name for himself GOOD


Write a piece of English Quote to ZHIXIN wechat group.

Monday: Ted,Chris.

Tuesday :Leo,Tom.

Wednesday: Coco.



Saturday: Quiency.